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The original iMac is old enough to vote... And besides, I don't think
drawing a chronological line in the sand is necessarily sensible.

Just don't violate the spirit of classic computing? (A G5 tower that you
run Linux on is not classic computing, for instance)

Likewise there are Packard Bell X86 older than that iMac, that would
qualify by most age limits I'd expect to be imposed, but that I'd cringe at
seeing discussed here.

If you post your Mattel HotWheels PC here, it might be worth getting
irritated. But there is no upgrade path from classic MacOS, and it's not
X86, so I'd say it has far more of a place here than the constant 30+
message modern-OS RANT threads I'm constantly subjected to on here.

- Ian

On Friday, July 1, 2016, Cameron Kaiser <spectre at> wrote:

> > >> Some would say this is not vintage, classic or collectible (and so
> > >> shouldn't be discussed here).  However, these are all subjected terms
> which
> > >> can be (and are!) argued about at length.
> >
> > Wouldn't have guessed to discuss an iMac
> > here, but rather than picking & choosing
> > certain computer models as being
> > appropriate to discuss here or not,
> > wouldn't it just be easier (and fairer)
> > to define a certain number of years past
> > which it *is* appropriate?    Or has
> > this already been stipulated?
> I don't think anything ever came of this any of the other myriad of times
> it was brought up.
> But that said, it's a landmark system (I'm typing this on a 1GHz iMac G4,
> which is also a design landmark), it runs a now-unusual desktop
> architecture,
> it uses an obsolete operating system (as well as OS X) and it's long past
> being obsoleted by its manufacturer.
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