Vaxstation 3100 - I have console access

tony duell ard at
Thu Feb 18 14:03:58 CST 2016

> Peter,
> I confirmed that there is a NCR5380 chip on the daughterboard and that
> everything was connected.  Still no joy.  The one thing I'm wondering is
> this.  If you look at the attached picture below from
>, you will see there is a
> 40-ish pin EPROM (?) in the bottom row of chips third from the left.  Mine
> just has an empty socket there.  Is it possible this is causing the problem?

According to the printset (which I am pretty sure I got from bitsavers), there
should be a 64K*16 bit 40 pin EPROM on the disk controller daughterboard. 
What it contains I do not know.

It does appear to be an EPROM rather than a microcontroller (which was my
first thought when the idea of a 40 pin package with a quartz window was
mentioned) so it should be possble to copy one from a working machine, given
a suitable programmer.


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