DEC PDP-11/70 Wire Lists

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Sun Jan 25 08:22:33 CST 2015

    > From: Paul Birkel

    > Wire Lists for any/all of the following:
    > KB11-C 11/70 Processor  (or the older KB11-B)
    > FP11-C 11/70 Floating-point processor  (or the older FP11-B, also used
    > in 11/45 and 11/50)
    > RH70 MASSBUS controller

I don't know for sure about the 11/70 (I never looked at one closely), but
for the 11/45 FPP, IIRC that was part of an integral multi-unit backplane
assembly with the CPU, i.e. it was wired as part of a large wire mat that
included the wiring for the CPU. So I don't think there's a separate wire
list for the FPP. I would guess the same is true of the RH70.

DEC generally included the wire lists in the engineering drawings; do the
11/70 prints not include the wire list?


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