DEC PDP-11/70 Wire Lists

Paul Birkel pbirkel at
Sun Jan 25 03:12:46 CST 2015


I'm hoping that someone here has a back-room shoebox of DEC microfiche (or
even hardcopy!) that includes Wire Lists for any/all of the following:

    KB11-C 11/70 Processor  (or the older KB11-B)
    FP11-C 11/70 Floating-point processor  (or the older FP11-B, also used
in 11/45 and 11/50)
    RH70 MASSBUS controller
    MJ11-A Core memory

I'd like to get these scanned and into Bitsavers.  Please contact me off
list, soonest, if you think that you can help me out.

I'd be _very_ much obliged.  Thanks,


[PS:  Of course, if they are already online somewhere that I've overlooked,
or simply already-digital but not online, please educate me further :->.]

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