HP 21MX Computer

Johannes Thelen johannesthelen at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 25 16:46:24 CST 2015

This seller have also hard drive, tape reader and magnetic tape unit for that MX. I asked this same HP around month ago and he told it was stored ten years ago. It have been part of some kind of test equipment.
Price somehow good, but when you add all those accessories, price raises quite high. Also I live otherside of the globe, shipping would cost way too much :(

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>     > From: Mike Loewen
>     > He's been trying to sell that for months.
> Mmm. Didn't know that. I just passed the URL along because it seemed like a
> not totally unreasonable price for what's there (seems to be quite a few
> boards, no idea if it's a complete board set) - older minicomputers seem to
> be going for $1-2K in open auctions (the last two PDP-8's both went for $2K).
> 	Noel

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