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On Sun, 27 Mar 2022, Bill Gunshannon via cctalk wrote:

> Here's one for the memory banks.  I have a number of TRS-80's.
> Back when they first came out I bought a couple of the FreHD
> Hard Disk Emulators made by Fred Vecoven.  They worked great
> and made life a lot easier.  Then, I had reason to put everything
> away for a long rest.  I just pulled them out and set them up
> again.  Neither of them does anything. As a matter of fact, in
> my 4P they even keep the system from booting from floppies.
> Anybody else run into something like this?  Is there something
> that would go dead if they sat idle for several years?  I checked
> the CR2032 batteries and they are still alive so it's not like
> they ran out of power or anything.  Any hints?

    No hints, but the guy you want to talk to is Ian Mavric:

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