Bill Gunshannon bill.gunshannon at
Sun Mar 27 13:48:25 CDT 2022

Here's one for the memory banks.  I have a number of TRS-80's.
Back when they first came out I bought a couple of the FreHD
Hard Disk Emulators made by Fred Vecoven.  They worked great
and made life a lot easier.  Then, I had reason to put everything
away for a long rest.  I just pulled them out and set them up
again.  Neither of them does anything. As a matter of fact, in
my 4P they even keep the system from booting from floppies.
Anybody else run into something like this?  Is there something
that would go dead if they sat idle for several years?  I checked
the CR2032 batteries and they are still alive so it's not like
they ran out of power or anything.  Any hints?


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