Does anyone/museum test disk packs?

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Thu Mar 17 14:03:14 CDT 2022

Well yeah sealed is relative but the more time you have the lid open the harder the filter needs to work.

Oddly enough the diablo 44 just pulled outside air thru a filter. Guess what did not last long

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>Modern disks still have a filtration system and airflow within the disk. 
>Air usually gets sucked from the edge then through the spindle and out 
>the center. In this case I think the spinning created a lower pressure 
>area where the heads were, resulting in the heads flying too low.
>I'll re-look at the RL02 but I believe air was not pulled in from 
>outside but recirculated from behind the heads under the unit to the 
>center spindle where it came out, into the center of the pack and across 
>the heads. Closed system when the lid was closed.
>No RL disk I ever had closed tight enough to be considered a Closed
>System with lid down.  :-)
>That's worth noting. I have one that's in dire need of restoration, with 
>a sizable chunk missing off the lid by the back hinges. Makes me less 
>worried about fixing it with tape and cereal boxes
>Josh rice

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