Commodore vic 20 poweroff

Fred Cisin cisin at
Wed Mar 16 20:27:26 CDT 2022

It is true that on any computers with disk drives, you should wait until 
the disk writing activity is completely done before shutting the machine 
off.  In some cases, that is not just waiting for the drive light to stop 
flashing, but also waiting for any "delayed writes" that the operating 
system is going to do.

On floppy drives, eject the disk, or at least open the door before 
shutting off, because some computers send a nasty spike when the power 
goes away.

Therefore, in general, peripherals that can be independently controlled 
should be turned on before the computer is turned on, and turned off after 
the computer is turned off.

On ST-506/412 type drives, it is good to "park" the drive before shutting 
down.  The programs to do so are often seriously incompatible with IDE 

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