Commodore vic 20 poweroff

Jim MacKenzie jim at
Wed Mar 16 15:29:42 CDT 2022

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> On Wed, 16 Mar 2022, Diedrich, Bryce via cctech wrote:
>> Just got a Commodore Vic-20. What is the safest way to power it off 
>> when I am done using it?

In all seriousness, in the 8-bit days I always had everything on a power bar
- computer, floppy drive(s) (if applicable), monitor, printer.  I'd turn
everything on and off with the power bar switch.  I did the same on my
Amiga, too.

I'd leave peripherals I didn't always use, like the printer, turned off with
their own power switch much of the time.

This keeps the AC power off the supplies, saving a little electricity and
protecting the devices against some surges, and saves wear and tear on the
power switches.  Power bars are cheap and easy enough to replace if needed.
And it's convenient.


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