DEC H500 Digital Computer Lab

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Fri Mar 11 11:35:12 CST 2022

On Fri, Mar 11, 2022 at 8:03 AM Tom Hunter via cctalk
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> As there is no real cctalk traffic other than test messages I thought I
> post something a bit more interesting. Here is a short video of my fully
> restored DEC H500 Computer Lab with an 8-bit counter implementation
> including reset:

Hi, Tom,

Great post and timely.  I recently got leads for my H-500 but I didn't
get exactly "one set". I know I didn't get any of the longest wires
but I also got a couple extra, I think, brown ones for the tips.  I
read through the handbooks and the closest thing I found was page 173
in the Workbook that mentions "Bundle of Taper-Pin Patchcords (107 of
Assorted Lengths), Model Number 916, $30).

Could you post how many of each color you have?  It's possible, of
course, that you don't have exactly "one set" either, but if you
happen to have 107 wires, that's a good indication, especially if your
tally matches mine anywhere.

Here's what I have:

22 BRN  ~ 3" ( 2-7/8")
30 RED  ~ 5" ( 4-7/8")
25 ORN  ~ 7" ( 6-7/8")
20 YEL  ~ 9" ( 8-7/8")
10 GRN  ~17" (16-7/8")


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