PDT-11 Virtual Terminal Monitor v1.07

Lee Gleason lee.gleason at comcast.net
Wed Mar 2 12:32:14 CST 2022

> and tried looping back pin 2 to pin 3
>on each serial + modem port and typing some characters, but nothing shows
>up in vterm. 

   PDT-11/150 terminal and printer ports ports all require a high on pin 
20, DTR, before they can send characters.  I've never used the modem 
port on my PDT's but I suspect it requires the typical, pins 6, 8, and 
20 wired together. Maybe you need to pull some of these pins high to 
loop around?

Lee K. Gleason N5ZMR
Control-G Consultants
lee.gleason at comcast.net

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