PDT-11 Virtual Terminal Monitor v1.07

Jacob Ritorto jacob.ritorto at gmail.com
Tue Mar 1 22:10:13 CST 2022

  Anyone remember how to use this program that announces itself as "PDT-11
Virtual Terminal Monitor v1.07" ?  I found it on a floppy of RT-11 v4.0
with my pile of PDT-11 treasures (which amazingly still seem to read fine
and work wonderfully; disk file timestamps around 1979 - 1982).

  I thought maybe it was a term program, since these PDTs were kind of
famous for that sort of deployment, and tried looping back pin 2 to pin 3
on each serial + modem port and typing some characters, but nothing shows
up in vterm.  It does come out of some mode into a command mode, I think,
when I send a break to the console.  ^C kills it from there and I can get
back to RT.

  I found online a DECUS program of the same name (vterm), submitted by DEC
circa 1979, and am wondering if this is the same beastie I've discovered on
my 8" floppy:
; however, when I try to click through that decus website, the actual
packages themselves seem to have been lost!  Does anyone know where to
obtain the actual files that came with this 110417 from DECUS?  And if I'm
on the right track, here?  It would be cool to have this PDT-11 functioning
as God intended if this vterm is actually a terminal emulator type of


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