Typing in lost code

Dennis Boone drb at msu.edu
Mon Jan 24 19:10:46 CST 2022

 > That's true generally.  Anything other than actual photographs
 > (continuous tone images) should NOT be run through JPEG because JPEG
 > is not intended for, and unfit for, anything else.  Printouts, line
 > drawings, and anything else with crisp edges between dark and light
 > will be messed up by JPEG.  PNG and TIFF are examples of appropriate
 > compression schemes.

TIFF actually isn't a compression scheme, it's a tagged file format, and
one _can_ specify jpeg compression of images in a TIFF file.

Perhaps it would be better to say one should avoid _lossy_ compression
schemes on scans with crisp edges or large areas of solid color.  These
are areas where jpeg will add visible noise.


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