mystery S-100 available

Jay Jaeger cube1 at
Mon Jan 24 15:49:17 CST 2022

FYI, that "unpopulated board" is not and never was S100, and has clearly 
had some told contact fingers cut off.  Perhaps used as a source for 
parts at some point.

You might want to join and post this to the "s100computers" Google group.


On 1/23/2022 1:42 PM, Stan Sieler via cctalk wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a mystery S-100 computer that I'm would like to sell, from the
> estate of the late Ken Gielow (author of Z80DIS, a great Z80 disassembler).
> The proceeds will be donated to a non-tax-deductible magic group Ken was a
> long-time member of.
> The computer is located in Cupertino, CA (aka "the heart of Silicon
> Valley", in the S.F. Bay Area).   (If reopened, you can combine a pickup
> with a visit to the Computer History Museum in nearby Mountain View, CA! :)
> This would likely be quite expensive to ship.  I'd guess 30+ pounds.
> Photos and some info at:
> Some of the hardware (also listed on the above page):
>     ThinkerToys buss
>     unknown semi-transparent front panel
>     spare/uninstalled Ithaca Intersystems DPS-1 front panel
>     10 various boards inside
>     metal case (heavy)
> There may be manuals on some of the boards and/or the Ithaca, but I'm not
> sure yet.  (They would be included, if they exist.)
> I wanted to take photos of each board, but having been seated for about 40
> years, they don't come out if I tug gently.  None have integrated board
> lifters, unfortunately
> (I tried a boroscope, but could not get useful photos.)
> Based on the labels on some EPROMS, there's a chance that it's a homebrew
> TRS-80 clone, with both Level II BASIC and CBASIC, and may have Morrow
> DISCUS software on it.
> We're looking for an offer on either:
>     - the Ithaca Intersystems front panel;
>     - the computer with all the boards
> or both.
> Suggestions welcome, thanks!

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