WARNING: Clear QIC Tape Bands

Mattis Lind mattislind at gmail.com
Fri Jan 21 08:09:05 CST 2022

> Well, both the SF-7000 as well as the SF-6500 (the size for QIC
> cartridges) are de facto unavailable/out of stock/whatever.
> The only alternative that I could find are the Mobilon Bands from
> Nisshinbo. But same story, I can't order them, there is no store that I
> could do that.

Have you tried Misumi?  The only problem I had was that you have to be VAT
registered. I had a friend order for me.


I used the 150 mm / 6mm variety and as far as I can tell it works nicely. I
have been running a tape in a Tektronix 4051 for some time and haven seen
any shedding. Not daily exactly but 20 times over half a year.


> Christian

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