Retro Chip Tester Pro, US shopping basket?

Santo Nucifora santo.nucifora at
Thu Jan 13 15:18:35 CST 2022

Hi Bill,

I have a Digikey shopping cart for most of the items and another for Mouser
for the rest of the items but mine was Rev "i".  I did this back in August
and I looked at the cart and noticed that  some of the items may have
substitutes now.  I know I had to do a few substitutes when I followed the
BOM even back then.  I'll post them here but please be careful and check
the BOM from the RTC (Retro Chip Tester) Google site you were emailed
against these carts.    Again, you may have to make some substitutes and
some of the other components may not line up exactly but that's the nature
of these pre-created carts, unfortunately.  It will at least give you a
good start:  Note, I ordered from a site but I created an
identical US cart for a friend in the US that was building one as well.
Again, triple check everything.

Digikey US cart:
Mouse CA cart for 4 items not at Digikey (but they may be there now?):

BTW, good choice on a Christmas present.  You will wonder how you did
without it.
Hope this helps,

On Thu, Jan 13, 2022 at 3:46 PM William Sudbrink via cctalk <
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> In response to my wife's "Buy yourself a Christmas present" direction, I've
> ordered a Retro Chip Tested Pro board.  When you purchase the board, you
> get
> a BOM and links to stored shopping baskets for some European vendors.  Has
> anyone built this in the US and stored their basket with a US vendor?  Rev
> 1.2k by the way, but any basket would be helpful as the BOM differences
> between the versions are listed.
> Thanks,
> Bill S.
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