DEC RX01 Parts

Mike Katz bitwiz at
Fri Jan 7 18:41:30 CST 2022

I have acquired an RX01 dual drive set from a VAX780 (RX01W-VA). I am 
converting it to fit in my PDP-8 rack.

I removed the VAX cabinet frame.

I have the front panel but I need the following parts:

IMC PEWEE BOXER 80mm fan PWS2107FL-1000 cooling fan (this unit has an 
individual fan for each drive and one is bad.).
Dual Drive Front Plate (#74-12853-00). This is the black metal plate 
with the ridges in it that the front panel mounts to.
RX8E Controller

The drives came with a single diskette so I need some formatted 
diskettes also.

I don't know if the circuit boards are compatible with the RX8E 
Controller. The Read/Write Control Board is labeled 243A and the Floppy 
Disk Control Board is labeled 245A.

I don't have any other 8" floppy systems to format the disks in.



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