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On 1/2/22 12:16 PM, Jonathan Chapman via cctalk wrote:
> In North America? Good luck! Part of what got me to buy a 
> smallish industrial building was needing three phase. It's usually 
> cheaper/easier to either use a VFD if it's for motor equipment, or a 
> rotary converter, than trying to get the power company to give you 
> three phase. Even if it's literally on the pole behind your house, 
> they want $LOL to make the connection.

So I've gathered.  Commercial, industrial, and rural farm tend to be the 
places where 3ɸ is a viable option.  Beyond that, ya rotary converter.

The more that I learn about VFDs, the less that I like them.  Especially 
for anything electronic.

> Yes, these "melted the socket, never tripped the breaker" failures 
> are a result of crap receptacles. On basically all good brands of 
> receptacles, the 15A and 20A have the same internal parts, anyway. It's 
> my opinion that anything in a shop area, or really even the kitchen, 
> ought to be spec-grade receptacles. They're not that expensive when you 
> consider they'll last a lifetime. We always require Hubble spec-grade, 
> and that's what I've installed at the house, too.

I'd much rather spend the additional money and have what you are 
referring to as Hubble spec-grade outlets throughout the house.

I've gotten to the point that I don't want to put up with / tolerate 
sub-par things that are going to cause me to have more work in the future.

> Indeed, you can have a continuous load up to 12A with no special NEC 
> rules on a regular old branch circuit.


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