VAX 780 on eBay

Jonathan Chapman lists at
Sat Jan 1 12:49:13 CST 2022

> this is the first one I recall seeing for sale
> in the classic computer era (versus several -11/70's, /40s, etc)

Last one that went auction-style on eBay went for $1,178.00, local pick-up. I know the buyer.

I still wouldn't think $5K is totally unreasonable, given the clean condition and that they're willing to freight it out.

> Interesting, but the argument for why it's not tested is implausible which makes me very suspicious.

Indeed, Tuscon Buying Group deals in a lot of industrial stuff -- we buy from them at $day_job sometimes. I'd be really surprised if they don't have 240V available for testing somewhere in their shop.


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