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Wed Feb 24 08:08:20 CST 2021

On 24/02/2021 03:26, Eric Smith via cctalk wrote:
> Does anyone have contact information for the proprietor of this site:
> The site has an index of messages archived from DEC's internal "Notes"
> (kind of their equivalent of UseNet).
> It appears from the "Download this site" page that at one time it was
> possible to download an archive of the actual content, but the hosting used
> for that only provides one week of free hosting, which has expired.
> I don't need the entire archive (though I'd like to get it), but I'd
> especially like to get messages from milkwy::23class_semiconductor and
> ricks::decschips.

Well if they ever show up, I'd be interested :-).

That archive was largely incomplete: it had the message titles but very 
few of the actual messages. There were some rather harsh negative 
comments on an FB group when someone pointed to it. Obviously some 
people thought that when they were writing their original comments that 
they would be kept private to the 100,000+ Digital employees :-)

Anyway, if bitsavers ever wants to set up an archive of Notes 
conferences, then I'll go and dig out the ones I was hosting back in the 
day. There might be a few from the old MARVIN cluster too but nothing as 
interesting as the VAX or semiconductor conferences.

FWIW I think the person who originally saved those details might have 
been Paul S. Winalski, but that might be my memory playing tricks on me.


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