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jim stephens jwsmail at
Tue Feb 23 22:29:42 CST 2021

On 2/23/2021 8:08 PM, s shumaker via cctalk wrote:
> wayback machine has this available
I may be missing something, but the download this site has an expired 
wetransfer link. when you navigate to that page, says 
"available on the web, not archived" (essentially).  In other words it 
didn't grab the transfer image when it was live and likely would only 
have the useless link to the dead transfer.

That search box might not be useful, that's the only thing I saw.

Even though Bitsavers was pulled across w/o the requested capture of the 
capability to navigate it like a hierarchical file system by 
(If I understand what is lacking there), at least all the bitsavers 
content is visible on a document level and is all captured.

sites that use devices which need backend code to fetch up stuff won't 
go into unless someone makes a script an gets it to be 
activate on

Would be nice to have a download of that info.


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