Mystery (unusual) 1973 terminal

steven at steven at
Fri Feb 12 16:17:07 CST 2021

Jules said
> Personally I like seeing terminals like this though because it seems that
> so few have survived - people will preserve the DEC / HP / Tektronix
> hardware and much of everything else from that very late '60s to mid-70's
> period is long gone.

I can't help either, but one place where pictures and descriptions of long-dead peripherals
can be found are in the 'New Products' pages of DATAMATION.
Every time I look through these I am amazed by the variety, type and number of manufacturers
of gear eg. key-to-tape, high-speed line printers and other mundane yet expensive 1970s business
equipment that was rarely advertised in later more consumer-oriented journals such as BYTE.


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