Mystery (unusual) 1973 terminal

Jules Richardson jules.richardson99 at
Fri Feb 12 13:50:34 CST 2021

On 2/12/21 1:08 PM, Brent Hilpert via cctalk wrote:
> Between google and the browser I'm using, the photos didn't display
> properly, so I downloaded them (upper right corner), which unzipped to
> high-res versions.

I had issues myself, zoom would work, but there seemed to be no obvious 
method for "just show me the thing at native resolution without a bunch of 
UI nonsense around it".

> The board with the white ECOs is the memory, it has 5 1402's (256*4
> shift register), 3 of them from Intel and 2 replacements from MIL
> (Microsystems International Limited) which is the only place Canada
> appears to come into it.

Yes, I believe the owner lives in Canada, but it's entirely possible that 
it was built in the US (or anywhere).

> I don't think the CRT is half-hidden, rather just a high-aspect-ratio
> CRT (very wide rel to height).

If I remember right, the CRT sits partially recessed in the case behind the 
front bezel, with the keyboard obscuring it. But maybe I don't remember 
right :-) As mentioned to Paul, I'll see if I can get the owner to share 
some more photos of the complete unit.

> In terms of design & construction it looks pretty typical for its
> period; nonetheless a cool unit to be working on.

Logic-wise for sure, although the physical construction is a little odd. 
Personally I like seeing terminals like this though because it seems that 
so few have survived - people will preserve the DEC / HP / Tektronix 
hardware and much of everything else from that very late '60s to mid-70's 
period is long gone.



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