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I would be very interested in your NC4016 experience.  I did collect a
NC4016 STD bus board a while ago from ePay, and have successfully spoken to
it via a terminal - It would be fun to add storage, but I have no idea
where to start :-)

And no doco......:-/

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On Wed, 28 Oct 2020 at 03:00, dwight via cctalk <cctalk at classiccmp.org>

> I have one of the NC4016 boards ( I forget which one ). I added a XT
> floppy controller and a XT MFM disk controller. I made some other hardware
> for doing byte stuff faster. Using address -1, I could access it faster as
> a short literal. I had a 8 bit barrel shifter there. It came in handy for
> the XT controllers. The processor was fast enough that I had to add delays
> to the code to the floppy controller. It would run faster than the floppy
> controller could provide status. Still, I was using it with direct
> processor access and the controller was really expected to be used with a
> DMA transfers in a XT computer. The MFM hard drive controller was much
> easier to deal with.
>  National also had a bunch of stackable computer modules. One of these
> modules had the NSC800 processor with a Forth ROM built in.
>  Rockwell liked Forth and used it quite a bit in their development system
> as well as having it on their AIM 65 machines.
> Dwight
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> Subject: Re: R65F11
> Rockwell also had an RSC-FORTH Kernel and development environment ROM set
> for the R6501Q, which is a similar 6502-based processor meant for embedded
> applications.
> http://www.smallestplcoftheworld.org/RSC-FORTH_User%27s_Manual.pdf
> Here's the RSC-FORTH manual, which covers the different types of RSC-FORTH.

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