VAX 6000 in Linwood NC on Facebook

Chris Zach cz at
Sun Oct 18 11:22:59 CDT 2020

God, that brings back memories of the 6210 Vax that the Computer Society 
had to run the payroll on ROSS financials. When we got rid of it we 
found it would not fit through the door of the basement computer room 
and that was yet another reason to renovate the room.

Even funnier, when we ripped the door out we found someone had written 
on the studs "This door installed after we put in the VAX cuz it 
wouldn't fit".....

Humor is always important in IT. But I do remember the drives were 
differential SCSI in a 3rd party enclosure that was mounted inside the 
6210 box. Did all Vax 6xxx series have the disks in there by default?


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