Identifying a Mystery ISA Card

Sean Ellis seanellis9 at
Thu Oct 15 08:29:07 CDT 2020

Hey all,

I got this (currently exploded) mystery RAM, RTC, and I/O board out of
a dead Sanyo luggable the other night, and once I replace the burned
up tantalums I'd like to put it in my 5150 so I can get a full 640k of

Question is, does anyone know what this board is? It's a completely
anonymous board with not even an FCC ID to go off of. I'm assuming the
RAM is at least strapped right; all the banks are full which should be
384k, and the Sanyo was a 256k machine = 640k.

Here's a couple pictures; one's an actual picture of the card and the
other is a simplified TULARC/TH99-esque vector of what's on the board.

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