FS : IBM Magnetic cards for IBM selectric "compocarte" (?)

Paul Berger phb.hfx at gmail.com
Fri Jan 3 15:35:27 CST 2020

> I used a Model B Executive for a few years as my office typewriter.
> Superb text quality; good enough for publication.  They were available
> in several type styles and sizes.  Can easily be distinguished by the
> split space bar.
> There also was a version of the tape station for the MT/ST that could be
> used as a S/370 peripheral.  Probably not very common.
> --Chuck
Probably the oddest machine I ever saw with a typewriter on it was a 
machine with a card reader and I think a model A  connected to it and it 
would type out what was punched into the cards.   I was told there was a 
companion machine that would punch cards with what you typed on the 
typewriter.  The flexowriter have a common ancestor to the IBM typebar 
electrics, IBM sold what became flexowriter because of antitrust concerns.


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