Key for IBM 9370 - 20

Fred Cisin cisin at
Tue Nov 26 19:11:06 CST 2019

On Tue, 26 Nov 2019, jim stephens via cctalk wrote:
> I didn't know what to look for for a cutter, thanks, Fred.

There are much better ones, for a price.
The HPC TKM90 is better.  ~$350
The Herty Gerty? is better. ~$380
HPC Duplicode  ~$1000?
The KLOM is the cheapest by far.
I don't see a frequent enough need to spend the money.

Many of the tubular key picks can also be used to decode the key and/or 
the lock after it is picked open.

> Dennis, the Key is "IBM" logo with the stripped logo style on one side of the 
> handle of the key, and DND legend on
> the other.  Suggests either all are the same, not requiring a code, or they 
> just didn't bother because they're IBM.

Sometimes they are all the same.
Sometimes machines come with a dummy lock for anything that will fit the 
keyhole; sometimes an extra-price option for a real lock
Sometimes there is no printed code.
Sometimes the code is stamped on a key, sometimes it is not.
Sometimes it will be on the face of the lock.
Sometimes it will be on the back of the lock.
Sometimes it will be on a piece inside the lock.
Sometimes it is on the original paperwork with a admonishment to save it, 
or on a paper tag tied to the original key.
OT: On a Datsun 280ZX, it is on a paper label inside the glove box
On some cars it is on ONE of the lock cylinders inside ONE of the doors.
(it helps to have access to such information in advance)

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