several items for sale and a note.

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Onderwerp: several items for sale and a note.

Now stuff for sale:
The rules are, none for free, make a reasonable offer.  PICKUP only
eastern MA in a reasonable amount of time.  I WILL NOT PACK OR SHIP,
too heavy, damage too likely.  Make offers offline, anything no
interest will be disposed of.

First item:
  Vt180, complete sans wart box, operating, and with second set of RX180
  drives.  I will not break this up. I have some disks for it as well.
  Terminal box is 8 or better and not too yellow.


I hope the buyer (or maybe you Allison?) will take the time to beep
the floppy disk drive interface cable.
The floppy drive side has a DB-25 connector, the VT180 side has a
DC-37 connector. Not much to find about it on the internet,
See<>    I would love to get
confirmation that the home-made cable is correct …


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