several items for sale and a note.

allison allisonportable at
Fri Nov 22 13:01:51 CST 2019

Note:  we have some entity scraping the list(how is not determined).
If I post I find that I get spam for about a week after until I post
again.  Most of the SPAM is scamware.  It maybe someone with a virus
on their system or a account that is for a bogus user.  Take from that
what you may.

Now stuff for sale:
The rules are, none for free, make a reasonable offer.  PICKUP only
eastern MA in a reasonable amount of time.  I WILL NOT PACK OR SHIP,
too heavy, damage too likely.  Make offers offline, anything no
interest will be disposed of.

First item:
  Vt180, complete sans wart box, operating, and with second set of RX180
  drives.  I will not break this up. I have some disks for it as well.
  Terminal box is 8 or better and not too yellow.

Second item:
  California Computer Systems (CCS) S100, with z80 CPU, 64K ram,
  Multi-serial IO Floppy disk controller and manuals.

  System is operational save for no disk drives as I am keeping
  the set I have.  However I have two half height loose drives
  of unknown status.

Future offers when I'm done with them include:
  Two PDP11 (11/23 series in BA-11 series boxes)
  Northstar Horizon S100 MDS-A controller, Z80, memory,
  with at least 1 floppy and working.


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