3270 controller simulation

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>>> I find it interesting that one of the few remaining mainframe third parties is
>> called Micro Focus
>> Is that the same Micro Focus with the x86 COBOL?
>> --Chuck
> I don't think its really "the same" anymore since it took on much of HPEs software. But essentially the great grandchild of the business which I believe started Don Higgins 370 emulator.
> https://www.mail-archive.com/ibm-main@listserv.ua.edu/msg52038.html
I think the Cobol Compiler came from the company we contracted with to 
do languages for us @Microdata.  They were
called CSPI, something like California Software Products, Inc., in 
Orange County, CA.

We payed them about 40,000 apiece for a product called Microdata Express 
to write support compilers for Cobol
and Fortran.  Intended to be competitive with the Dec PDP11, and 
actually was faster.  We wrote our own OS, I
was an architect with another guy of a lot of the OS.

Anyway they threw in a microcode compiler / assembler for the Microdata 
3200, and also did a rework of the
EPL system language tool which the system was coded in.  It originally 
was derived from McKeeman's XPL project.

He and his group were at UCLA, and contracted on the OS. (digressing a bit).

I heard that the 370 emulator company merged with, or was bought up by 
the compiler operation, and the
result became MicroFocus.  The first compiler I think ran on the PC or 
the AT, and with the addition of the 370
emulator, it became a tool to migrate things off the mainframe, or allow 
support of distributed parts of
application systems on PCs.  Or that was what they wanted it to be.

> I would like be able to use some of the sync comms stuff, but I don't have either the hardware or the software. I have used TN3270 to go from my VAX to my P390 but that’s about it.
> Neither my P390 or my VAXen have sync cards, nor I think does my CISCO router. I think I could use a 3174 as a gateway but that’s a whole new can of worms...
> Dave

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