3270 controller simulation

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> > I find it interesting that one of the few remaining mainframe third parties is
> called Micro Focus
> Is that the same Micro Focus with the x86 COBOL?
> --Chuck

I don't think its really "the same" anymore since it took on much of HPEs software. But essentially the great grandchild of the business which I believe started Don Higgins 370 emulator. 


I would like be able to use some of the sync comms stuff, but I don't have either the hardware or the software. I have used TN3270 to go from my VAX to my P390 but that’s about it.
Neither my P390 or my VAXen have sync cards, nor I think does my CISCO router. I think I could use a 3174 as a gateway but that’s a whole new can of worms...


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