3270 controller simulation

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Mon Nov 18 11:07:21 CST 2019

On 11/18/19 9:42 AM, Dave Wade via cctalk wrote:
> Yes the second. So it only works with SNA .


I don't think DLSw being SNA only is a problem.  I say this because I 
think DLSw requires TCP/IP connectivity.  Thus you already have TCP/IP 
connectivity to the mainframe.

> Yes its DLSw. Was demonstrated at the recent DEC Legacy event..



Is it proper to say that SNA is the protocol that is carried across the 
DLSw over IP?  Is it also what's carried over the SDLC?

> No, I was thinking if you had an older  mid-range box with no TCPIP...

Okay....  I'm lost.

If there's no Cisco box with Twinax and the host doesn't have TCP/IP, 
how are you going to connect things?

SNA across Token Ring and / or Ethernet?


> This is where I miss the old IBM offerings cataloge

pr0n   :-)

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