3270 controller simulation

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> > I believe the *Remote* 3174 (et al.) is one of these devices from IBM.
> The bigger 3174s have ethernet as an option, as did the Memorex/Telex 1174
> More commonly, 3174s had token ring and people have gone Cisco to 3174 to
> get coax terminals talking to Hercules. I believe Guy S., Dave W. and Jay W.
> have done this. 

I started with a token ring card in a Windows/2000 box so I could connect directly. I have also gone via a Cisco router with a Token Ring interface NATed onto my normal LAN.
I now have a 3174 with an Ethernet card but only floppies. I was planning to try moving the card to a bigger 3174 with a Hard Disk (actually an MFM emulator) but the PSU in that has dies..
... just as I got the MFM emulator working :-(

>I have the parts to do either token ring or ethernet on a 3174,
> and just got probably one of the last 1174s in the world with ethernet (but no
> docs)
> One of my projects is to try to get something similar going that is open-source
> which is why I was interested in ajk's arduino project

The documents presented seem to have lots of info. Perhaps I should get the scope out and see what happens on the co-ax...


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