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Sun Nov 17 13:25:02 CST 2019

On Sun, Nov 17, 2019 at 2:17 PM Fritz Mueller via cctalk
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> > Isn't the BC05L-15 folded up in the case? Or did they put a short one to the back of the box?  I can't remember now.
> I’ll have a look to remind myself when I get downstairs later today.  IIRC, everything is brought out to D-shell connectors on the back of the box?

Yes.  The table-top enclosure has IIRC a small board with a 40-pin
Berg and DB25 on it.  Systems that came with a DB25 disk drive cable
included the early DECmates (VT78 and DECmate I) and the MINC-11.
Same pinout everywhere.  The disk pedestal for the DECmate I
definitely has a passive board inside for the DB25-Berg-40 transition.

For the DECmate I, there's a DC37-DB25 cable from the CPU. For the
MINC-11, there is IIRC a 40-pin-to-DB25 cable that goes into the RXV21
(same pinouts as the RX11).

I don't remember any Unibus systems using the desktop RX01 enclosure
but it would work with the right cabling.  For the short term, you can
get a 5-10' 40-pin cable and just run it from the RX11 to the RX01
controller board, but you wouldn't be able to close the drive box up.

If you are just looking to remove the drive from the box and
rack-mount it, they used the standard "Parkerized" grey-finish steel
slide rails that were common in 1970s DEC gear.

The box is kind of fun, and was standard for word processors and the
MINC-11 but I can understand wanting a rackable system.


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