RX01 wants

Fritz Mueller fritzm at fritzm.org
Sun Nov 17 13:17:21 CST 2019

Hi Paul,

> I think you mean RX11.

Ah, yes — I typo’d that, thanks!

> Isn't the BC05L-15 folded up in the case? Or did they put a short one to the back of the box?  I can't remember now.

I’ll have a look to remind myself when I get downstairs later today.  IIRC, everything is brought out to D-shell connectors on the back of the box?

> Which are you on located? I know someone who was looking for a box last year.

I’m in Oakland, CA.  I’d gladly pass the box on to some other collector if I can find rails. 

> Are they the old Calcomp cast aluminum, or the newer DEC 70 class drives? The DEC ones 
> can sometimes be converted to RX02s. I think the older (RX01 only) were the M7726 and M7727.

Will check and post back.


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