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> Like RS232/432 signaling the art and science is getting lost to time and age.  I'd bet more than half here never used a modem or have not in more than 15-20 years.

That's probably true, but I maintain my nostalgia for modems and have a bunch, including real Hayes 300 and 1200 Smartmodems, a SupraFAXmodem v.32bis and v.FC (the former was my first fast modem; the latter is the one I really wanted in the day :) but I can't find a way to upgrade it to v.34), and a nice pile of USR v.Everything modems including an ISA internal, a few v.90 and one v.92 external, and a new-in-shrink HST 14.4.  (HST works super well on modern VoIP lines compared to v.32bis and v.34, I find.)

I even have a dialup console to one of the Linux boxes on my network.  Can't say I need it.  It's a bit of an indulgence.  But it's there, and it works.

I have a ham radio callsign too (VE5EV) and one of these years I intend to really experiment with packet radio, and eventually, AX25 TCP/IP networking over radio using packet modems.


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