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On 11/13/19 5:25 PM, Electronics Plus via cctalk wrote:
> And here my problem is that I have the old modems, but I can't test 
> them because I no longer have a land line.


> Is there any way to test an internal or external modem without anything 
> except broadband or cellular connections?

It depends if "without anything" is referring to "no additional phone 
line / service from an external 3rd party" or "nothing at all added to 
the mix".

> I know I can't test the acoustic modems, but I was hoping to be able 
> to test internal ISA and PCI, as well as external modems from 300 
> baud to 56k. Perhaps there is some inexpensive gizmo available?

It should be quite possible to test slower modems.  However, faster 
speeds, 14.4 / 19.2 / 28.8 / 33.6 / 56, will be more problematic to test.

People are reliably getting modems to connect across VoIP using lossless 

This does take some effort to (initially) set up.  But it should be 
quite serviceable once it is set up.

I think that some companies make Analog Terminal Adapters (ATA) that 
have two ports, one would connect to each modem, and any number dialed 
would call (ring) the other port.  I /think/ that Grandstream used to 
make a Handy Tone that did this.  Again, this will take some configuration.

I routinely (almost daily) see @Level29_BBS talking about dialing in 
across VoIP.

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