SOT - Grab first and ask questions later

Kevin Parker trash80 at
Sun Nov 10 15:40:55 CST 2019

I suspect a number of members are like me - when there's salvage or rescue
stuff on the radar you grab first and ask question later otherwise tomorrow
it might not be there.


I quite like those picker shows and subscribe to their philosophy "buy (or
grab) it when you see it". I'm still ruing the day I let a TRS-80 Model II
with a full set of floppy drives go by procrastinating as I haven't seen one


Anyway a little while ago someone I know was quitting their business and
gave me all their office salvage - laptops, PC's, printers, KVMs, routers,
monitors etc etc. As before I did not ask any questions and did not look the
gift horse in the mouth.


The other day I needed a CD drive for a little project and went through the
stuff , found something promising and opened it up.  Anyway they'd been
doing all their "business" in there (number ones and twos amongst many other
things I suspect) and the machine was a write off. I suspect finds by other
list members have been even more "interesting"



Kevin Parker



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