TI994/A Power Supply

Kevin Parker trash80 at internode.on.net
Sun Nov 3 23:59:10 CST 2019

I may be stating the obvious here but looking for a little advice and
reassurance from anyone on the list who may have had experience with these

I have a couple of TI99/4A's that I was given quite a long time ago along
with about 50 software cartridges (if I understand things correctly the
cartridges on their own a quite a bonus). What I am missing are power
supplies. On my research the inputs are 12 and/or 5 volt depending on the
number of power pins on the back (mine have 2). 

These voltages appear to neatly align with most PC power supplies so I
should be able to tap into an old AT power supply of which I have quite a

Thank you.

Kevin Parker

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