One of Bay Area's last Fry's Electronics stores closes

Ali cctalk at
Tue Dec 31 15:28:16 CST 2019

-------- Original message --------From: Fred Cisin Fry's says that they are doing fine.BUT, that they are moving to a "consignment" model - they now plan to pay their suppliers only AFTER the merchandise sells.Or at least that is what they are telling their creditors.They could revitalize the stores, if they would add Jolt Cola, Canfield's Diet Chocolate Fudge soda, potato chips, cookies, toothpaste, rosin-core lead solder, and electronic components.  Maybe even collaborate with Fat-Brain to open a computer literacy bookstore.--No. They are closing: really can't see any manufacturers lining up behind the Fry's BS. They just don't have the foot traffic for it. Now as Fred says if they went back to filling a niche that is very empty (i.e. an electronics part retailer with stock of hard to get goods on hand) that may work. I hate having to order 50 capacitors from China everytime I need one.... 

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