RSTS emulation in a browser (now "FILMGR")

John Foust jfoust at
Fri Dec 13 23:11:43 CST 2019

Another RSTS question.  One of my rescued tapes has only several
files with the extension ".FLB"  Compared to other files of the
sets, these are relatively large... up to a meg or so.

In a text file on another related tape, a manager wrote "Learn 
how to use FILMGR, which is invoked by DO FILMGR. It keeps 
storage space down."

Sounds like archiving and compression.  Google is no help.
I looked at DECUS RSTS lists and didn't see it.

Does anyone remember a program called FILMGR for RSTS/e 7
circa 1982?  Does "FLB" mean "file library"?

- John

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