DECpc 425SE

Antonio Carlini a.carlini at
Wed Dec 4 16:46:56 CST 2019

I'm working on a DECpc 425SE right now and I've not been able to find 
any useful documentation.

The laptop seems to work but has a BIOS password set. I suspect that if 
I remove the button cell then it will forget the password (or at least 
that's my hope).

The main battery comes out. There's no sign of leakage. It's a SANYO 
8HR-4/3A (510295-001).

The button cell looks very much like it is soldered in. It's 
approximately 12mm in diameter. I've read numerous warnings not to go to 
near a button cell with a soldering iron so I'm not really keen to do 
that, especially as I don't know for sure that it will fix the problem.

I've looked for a password reset jumper of pads but I can't see one.

I think someone has been here before me as the four screws that hold the 
two halves of the unit together are all missing.

Any hints welcome.



Antonio Carlini
antonio at

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