FS: VAX-11/780 w/ CSPI array processor

William Donzelli wdonzelli at gmail.com
Wed Dec 4 11:27:37 CST 2019

Unfortunately I need to sell my VAX - an original 11/780, but with a
CSPI array processor hidden in a third matching DECcabinet. This was
used to control an xray crystallography machine years ago, so the VAX
itself is fairly minimal, but with quite a lot of number crunching

It has not been powered up in perhaps 15 years, but is in fantastic
condition. The only real flaw is that at one point some water dripped
on the top, so the blue paint marred in one spot. The easy way to take
care of that is to simply replace the sheet metal with a nice one from
another standard  DEC cabinet. Or stack a few books on top!

I have tapes with the CSPI software (does Al need it?). Lots of DECdocs as well.

Throw me a number if you are interested. This is not a fire sale, so
be reasonable. I will work on getting some pictures. There are no
drives with this. I suppose eventually this will go on Ebay - but I
really hate Ebay at this point.

The only issue is that right now is not the time to move the beast.
Snow snow snow, and cleaning the dock is a big job, so shipping might
have to wait until spring.

Will, IBM land in the Hudson Valley

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