Plane of core memory

Grant Taylor cctalk at
Wed Apr 17 23:47:19 CDT 2019

On 4/17/19 10:30 PM, Andrew Luke Nesbit via cctalk wrote:
> Hello all,


> I have been wanting to acquire a plane of magnetic core memory as a 
> piece of computing history.  My partner actually thinks they look very 
> beautiful and says we should frame it, if we ever find a plane.

If you just want core memory, check out the following link:

Link - Core Memory Shield for Arduino

You can actually use Core Memory on a modern computer.  }:-)

> Does anybody here have any ideas?  For example, what is it?  Or, if you 
> don't know, could you point me in the right direction so I can do the 
> research myself?  Thanks!!

I have no idea.

The connectors remind me of a DEC machine bus, but I don't know what the 
bus name is.  I also find it odd that memory would plug into the system 
bus like that.

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