Daisywhell typewriter emulating a TTY

GerardCJAT gerardcjat at free.fr
Wed Apr 10 03:38:00 CDT 2019

I would like to emulate a TTY, using a daisywheel typewriter.
One immediately think : " Find an IBM Selectric, a Friden flexowriter or a like "
But NO, I want something less complex, mechanical wise. 
That's why I want to investigate on daisywheel typewriters.
I am aware of IBM Actionwriter and Triumph/Adler/Royal Gabriele 9009 that can be used
as a printer with a dedicated interface BUT that is one way only : Printer only !
>From my investigation, **** so far ***, KEYBOARD does not send ( upload ? ) any signals.
( or a special command code is required ?? )

Any suggestion for "others" daisywhell typewriters that could do
OR someone already went this way ?
OR any documentation ( even user's manual ) on the dedicated interface :
( IF 600 Computer Interface for Triumph/Adler/Royal Gabriele 9009 )
(  ???name???  for IBM Actionwriter )

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