Tape Storage Rack WAS: RE: 1/2" tape storage

Jeff Woolsey jlw at jlw.com
Tue Apr 9 11:38:19 CDT 2019

> While on the subject of tape storage anyone know if it is still possible to get desktop/table top wire bins to hold tapes in canisters and/or reels? Not that I have that many tapes or anything like that. This would be more for display purposes than anything else.
> Something akin to this: ibm51xx.classiccmp.org/CCTalkPics/taperack.png
> Do they still make things like this or do I have to find it at university junk sale?
Those are exactly the "dish rack" things I have two of.  Of course, I
can't remember where I got them.

FWIW, I also have a small rack that holds, uh, 2x4x25 8mm data tapes in
their cases.  Said "dish rack" won't fit on top, though.

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