Not DEC related but still hoping for some help: Problems w/ LJ 4+ Printer

ben bfranchuk at
Wed Apr 3 15:41:36 CDT 2019

On 4/3/2019 9:44 AM, Jon Elson via cctalk wrote:

> First, since you have not checked with another cartridge, is to examine 
> the corona wires and/or "combs" on the cart. Sometimes the wires break 
> at one end.  Also, toner spills could short it out, I've had that 
> before.  Bent contacts on the cart where it connects the HV to the 
> printer could also be making bad/no contact.
> But, the caps could be it, the symptom where it starts working after 
> warming up does indicate weak caps.

You might want to order a few HV diodes because a leaky HV diode
could be found if the caps are good.

> Jon

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