Not DEC related but still hoping for some help: Problems w/ LJ 4+ Printer

Ali cctalk at
Wed Apr 3 03:24:37 CDT 2019

> Is the fuser roller warming up properly?  Or, is it the
> corona supply is having trouble coming up to voltage?  You
> should pull the bottom of the printer apart and thoroughly
> clean the PC board on both sides.  If you have never done
> this, it will be a HUGE BLACK MESS with spilled toner dust -
> don't ask how I know this!


Based on the info coming through on the list a "cold" fuser would produce
toner that would wipe off/flake off of the printed sheet. This is not
happening in my case so I am guessing the fuser is getting hot "enough". The
current hive thinking seems to be toward the corona wire - specifically
failing caps in HV needing time to warm up to specs before working properly.


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